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Surgical treatment of spinal problems at Germanten Hospital

With an experience of two decades and extensive research and education in the field of orthopedics Dr. Mir Jawad Zar Khan is the best surgeon for spine surgery in Hyderabad. With advanced training from Germany he has taken part in many thousands of operations and brings to his patients the type of care rarely found in India.

Back pain is a pervasive and widespread problem among the population. It is reasonable to consider the surgical solution if –

  • pain does not decrease after months of conservative treatment
  • pain does not respond to drugs
  • pain causes a significant limitation of basic daily activities

Some surgical procedures are minimally invasive (microdiscectomy for herniated discs) and allow rapid recovery, while others (vertebral fusions) are more invasive.

The Germanten Hospital is a center of excellence in the field of vertebral surgery, designed to surgically solve the diseases affecting the back (fractures, hernias, stenoses, etc.).

Vertebral fractures

As part of the treatment of vertebral fractures, stabilization and vertebroplasty are the basis for the reduction of this type of fracture. By stabilization we mean the application of metal plates, screws or bone grafts to keep two adjacent vertebrae firm and firm, while vertebroplasty means cementation of the fractured vertebrae through a percutaneous injection of a cementing substance.

Cervical and lumbar disc hernia surgery

The herniated disc operation is performed following a rupture of an intervertebral disc whose fibrous-elastic material comes out of its natural seat between 2 vertebrae and causes a compression of the nerve roots with consequent back pain and pain (lumbago, sciatica, radiculopathy) and/or tingling and numbness of the lower limbs (paresthesia). In severe cases, the hernia can cause movement difficulties, paresis, cauda equina syndrome. Surgery consists of removing the herniated disc. There are different types: simple discectomy is the removal of the hernia through partial or total microsurgical removal of the nucleus pulposus; laser ablation involves the use of high-frequency energy to vaporize the nucleus pulp.

Stenosis surgery of the cervical and lumbar canal

The stenosis of the channel cervical is a condition in which occurs a decrease in the diameter of the vertebral cervical channel that causes a painful symptomatology that can vary from a cervical pain in the milder cases up to appearance of a myelopathy that is manifested with hypostenia to the limbs, increase of the reflexes, difficulty in the deambulation with eventual spasticity in the most advanced cases; characteristic is the Lhermitte sign (sensation of generalized electric shock following bending of the neck).

Vertebral arthrodesis

In the case of degenerative pathologies of the vertebral column and / or its instability, vertebral arthrodesis surgery can be used, which allows the use of metallic or non-metallic implants (cage, plate-cage, screws, plates, bars, hooks) to bind and fix spinal bones and to stabilize it with reduction of pain and deformities.


The spondylolisthesis is a disease characterized by a slow and progressive sliding forward of a vertebra concerning the underlying cause of lumbar pain generally accentuated by rapid and sudden movements and/or by physical efforts. The surgery consists of a lumbar fixation: by using bone grafts and instruments, such as metal plates and screws, this procedure allows to blend or create a link between two or more adjacent vertebrae. This intervention is aimed at stabilizing the spine and relieving pain.

The advanced spinal surgery center in Germanten Hospital treats using –

  • • Microsurgery and fusion procedure under 3D Image intensifier with flat panel technology
  • • Brain Lab Navigation system to ensure a precise surgical result
  • • Intra operative Nerve Monitoring systems for disc lesion and sciatica surgery

The most exceptional care for spinal surgery with quick recovery time is assured under the guidance of Dr. Mir Jawad Zar Khan.

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