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Rheumatoid arthritis (RA) is the most ordinary type of autoimmune arthritis. It is observed when the immune system (the body’s defense system) is not working properly. RA tends to cause lumps and pain in the joints of hands and feet. Better treatments for RA will reduce the damage and stops swelling in the joints.

Regular exercises, such as walking, and jogging can increase bone strength which in turn enhances your overall health and lessens pain in joints.

Analysis proved that people who receive early treatment can have best results for RA.

It is necessary to get the proper diagnosis without unnecessary testing. Our rheumatologist will suggest you find a treatment plan that is best for your disease.

People suffer a lot with Rheumatoid arthritis (RA) where it is one of the most paralyzing types of joints. Of course, RA remains a serious disease and one that can vary widely in symptoms (what you feel) and outcomes. At present, Rheumatologists have many advanced treatments that hit the inflammation that RA causes. These treatments made possible to stop or slow the growth of the damage.


RA is an autoimmune disease. Your immune system is attacked by foreigners in your body, like viruses and bacteria that creates inflammation. In this disease, an immune system badly sends inflammation to your own healthy tissue causing a lot of pain and swelling in the joints. If the inflammation remains present for a long period, it can cause injury to the entire joint. This injury typically cannot be reversed once it occurs. There is an evidence that it can be occurred due to genetic disorders also.


Rheumatic Arthritis is identified by analyzing blood test results, joints and organs, and reviewing x-ray. Our surgeons perform blood tests to find for antibodies in RA. Antibodies are the proteins that help to fight against foreign substances called antigens. Some people have no antibodies present in their body, this is called as a false positive result. Symptoms of RA can be very gentle that makes the diagnosis more difficult. A rheumatologist is a physician with experience and knowledge in providing the correct diagnosis of RA and to prescribe a treatment plan.


Anemia (less count of red blood cells), Rheumatoid factor (an antibody, or a blood protein, found in 80% of patients), Elevated erythrocyte sedimentation rate (a blood test, that confirms the amount of inflammation in the joints).

X-rays are helpful in detecting RA at the early stages of the disease. So that these X-rays are further useful to observe whether the disease is progressing or not. In other cases, MRI and ultrasound scan are also used to judge the severity of RA.


It is essential to be active but backset activities happens when the disease erupts. When the joint is inflamed, one needs rest for the joint. So, to eradicate the pain in joint our hospital suggests with exercises such as stretching and walking.

Upon recovery, RA patients are encouraged to do aerobic exercises, such as walking, and exercises to boost up strength in muscles. This will enhance your overall health and lower the burden on your joints. We help you to find what type of activities are best to you, and at what level you should do them.

Discussion with our surgeons helps you to find best and perfect diagnosis that helps for improvement of entire health. We come forward with advanced techniques and modernized infrastructure that treats your illness.

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