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Internal Medicine

The department of Internal Medicine, at Germanten Hospitals deals with out-patients, in-patients as well as round the clock emergencies. The prevention, diagnosis and treatment of adult diseases fall under its purview. Senior Consultant Physicians offer total care from the initial assessment to the management of all non-surgical cases, sometimes in consultation with other departments. The department’s internists are skilled in managing patients with undifferentiated or multi-system diseases. In Critical Care Medicine, Germanten Hospitals nternists are actively involved in the day-to-day treatment of internal medical problems in the Medical ICU. They cover a wide spectrum of medical emergencies with a focus on toxicology, complicated septicemias, hepatic disorders and blood problems. They work closely with critical care specialists as well as the sophisticated laboratory, blood bank and nuclear medicine units. The primary goal of the department is to combine the latest evidence-based medicine with experience and thoughtful decisions about the patients to foster wellness and healing.

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