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Cartilage Cell Transplantation

Germanten Hospital brings to Hyderabad Cartilage Cell Transplantation, a radical surgery aimed at those who have chronic pain in the knee. Unlike a knee replacement, the cutting edge medical treatment consists of growing the patient’s own cells and inserting it into the affected joint.

Dr. Mir Jawad Zar Khan has been a pioneer in the field of orthopedic surgery in India. Educated in the US and Europe he has brought his brilliant insight in the area of providing care in Hyderabad. Due to this reason, Germanten Hospital has rapidly emerged as the premier multi specialty clinic in India offering a number of treatments unheard of.

Cartilage cell transplantation is a high-tech method that has been developed in recent years. In several scientific studies, it has been shown that with this technique even more substantial cartilage damages can be successfully treated for the first time.

What is a cartilage?

Cartilage tissue in joints is always found where movements occur. Cartilage is an elastic tissue that covers the bone in the area of the joint and acts as a buffer.

Nature of cartilage damage

Sometimes there is a thinning of the cartilage in a small to a medium-sized area of the joint. This can be caused by injuries, over- or under-loading. But cartilage damage can also occur for no apparent reason, such as in the so-called. Osteochondritis dissecans. In this disease, a circumscribed bone/cartilage part dies in the joint and the result is pain. Sometimes, cartilage damage occurs even after so-called accompanying injuries such as meniscal damage or cruciate ligament tears. Malformations of the joint may also be responsible for the development of cartilage damage. For example, an O-leg often leads to cartilage damage on the inside of the knee joint. Of the circumscribed cartilage defects mentioned above, those that affect the entire joint are to be delineated.

Cartilage cell transplantation in Hyderabad

With the introduction of cartilage cell transplantation, it was possible for the first time to achieve a cartilage-like replacement cartilage defect. Microscopic examination clearly shows that the tissue that results from cartilage cell transplantation is most similar to original cartilage compared to other therapies. In cartilage cell transplantation, cartilage is removed from those parts of the affected joint that are otherwise less stressed during arthroscopy. The amounts that are taken are very small (about the size of a small fingernail) and do not affect the joint. The cells in this piece of cartilage are then cultivated under unique safety and purity conditions in the laboratory and multiplied to several million cells. The cells are grown on different carrier materials. After a few weeks, this fleece can then be introduced into the defect with the cartilage cells. Usually only a very small incision is necessary.

Recovery time

After the operation, the affected joint is protected when walking with a splint, and the joint can also bear little to no load for 6-8 weeks. The use of crutches is needed for a month. Intensive physiotherapy is necessary for recuperation, and after 2-3 months the joint is as good as new.

Cartilage cell transplantation surgery is available at Germanten Hospital. It is necessary for you to consult with Dr. Mir Jawad Zar Khan for availing it. With over 10,000 joint replacement surgeries and 19 years of tremendous experience he listens to every patient with care and gives them treatment that best suits their needs.

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