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Dental & Maxillofacial

Department of Dental & Maxillofacial Surgery specialises in the diagnosis and surgical treatment of diseases, injuries and defects involving the full-spectrum of oral, dental and jaw-related problems from simple tooth decay to complex maxillofacial defects secondary to surgery, trauma, and congenital deformities, and aesthetic make over. Procedures done by our maxillofacial specialists doctors include dental root canal treatments, dental implants, mandibular and maxillary fractures, cosmetic surgeries, jaw corrections, scar revisions of face, cysts and tumours of face, all dental procedures

Team of Dental & Maxillofacial Doctors


MDS, BDS, Consultant Pediatric Dentist and Implantoligist,6 years experience

Dr.Dr. Abhinand Potturi

BDS, MDS, Consultant oral and maxillofacial surgeon,12 years experience

Dr. Aditya Mohan

BDS, MDS, Oral and maxillofacial surgeon,8 years expereience.

Dr. Arshiya

BDS, MDS Oral and maxillofacial surgeon,6 years experience

Dr. Ramya Jyothy

BDS, MDS ,Prosthodontist and Implantoligist,7 years experience

Dr. Indrajith

Consultant periodontist, laser specialist and Implantologist,5 years experience

Dr.Divya Madhuri

BDS, cosmetic Dental surgeon,3 years experience

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