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Mr.Abdul Islam age 21 yrs old from Assam.He was suffering from hip pain for the last 11 years.So, he consulted Dr.Mir Jawad Zar Khan best Orthopedician…

Mr. Abdul Islam age 21 yrs old from Assam. He was suffering from hip pain for the last 11 years. So, he consulted Dr.Mir Jawad Zar Khan best Orthopedician…

Mr.Mohd Hafeed, 38 yrs old operated for Hip Replacement by Dr Mir Jawad Zar Khan, Senior Orthopaedic & Spine Surgeon at Germanten Hospitals Attapur, Hyderabad

Mr .Shaik Akbar age 39 yrs old From Maharashtra Nanded, His hip was fractured in an accident. he can’t walk the pain was very severed. …

Dr Mir Jawad sir performed Total Hip Replacement surgery successfully ,and made him walk next day after surgery Patient Testimonials in his own words…

Total Hip Replacement by Dr.Mir Jawad Zar Khan

Mr. Mohd Yakubv express his happiness who had undergone Total Hip Replacement surgery By Dr. Mir Jawad Zar Khan at Germanten Hospitals

Get treated with our best in class surgeons perform your hip replacement surgery treatment at our Hospitals.


Hip joint replacement is a medical surgery or procedure which discards the injured joint and replaced with a healthy one. A joint is the location where more than two bones join or merge such as the knee, hip, and shoulder. Our hospital is located in the happening city of Hyderabad city , providing wide range of services for Joint Replacement surgery. Our hospital is a renowned hospital for hip replacement surgery in India.

Hip Replacement is a procedure when other pain management therapies fail to pacify the pain associated with the arthritis of the Hip. Hip replacement is a surgical procedure where the defective hip joint is recouped with prosthetic implant. Such hip joint replacement surgeries are performed to reduce the pain arising due to arthritis or severe physical joint damage which constitutes as a part of the hip fracture. Once the surgery is performed the individual can perform all the daily activities with much ease. Total Hip replacement surgery is also referred to as Total Hip arthroplasty.


Osteoarthritis which occurs in the hip joint is a reason for people to opt for Hip Replacement surgery. Hip Replacement is the best option, if persistent pain occurs, loss of motion or deformity of hip joint. Hip replacement is also performed in people suffering from hip damage, rheumatoid arthritis or any serious medical condition, such as a bone tumor or bone loss as a result of inadequate blood supply (avascular necrosis).


1. Due to severe pain the person cannot sleep.
2. Gets no relief even after taking pain medications.
3. Finds it troublesome to climb the stairs.
4. Having trouble to stand after prolonged sitting.
5. Facing difficulty in walking, due to the severe pain.

Previously Hip replacement was required when individuals crossed 60 years and above. But the technical advancements in medical technology, has increased the bone strength which makes it durable and long lasting, however artificial joints are easily available which are suitable for active people. However, individuals need another surgery replacement after 15 to 20 years when the replace begins to be worn out.


Prior to the total hip replacement surgery, the surgeon will examine and evaluate the patient’s physical condition. The hip replacement surgeon thoroughly checks the patient’s medical history to make sure that the patient is fit for surgery. The surgeon physically screens the hip, with more focus on the movement in the joints and checks the strength of the muscles in the hip area. Blood tests and X-ray reports are general medical procedures that are performed.


Total knee replacement & hip replacement surgeries are performed to keep a check on osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis valgus or varus abnormalities like Hip fractures and defects.


State of the Art class100 OTs with Hepa Filters.

Surgery of TKR using sophisticated “Zero Technique”

We use all knee and Hip implants

We provide various Radiology and Imaging services (CT, MRI, X- Ray)

Wide range of Pathology and Microbiology.


The hospital is well equipped and supported by

  • Best in class Arthroscopic Surgeons
  • Skilled Aestheticians
  • Modern Intensive care
  • Well trained and qualified Physiotherapists.

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