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With a team headed by experienced gynaecologists with over 2decades of experience, Germanten Hospitals caters to women of every age group from teens to senior citizens. Our services include gynecology consultation, gynecology surgeries, customized women’s health checks, gynecology specialty clinics, cancer evaluation and vaccinations supported by an in-house diagnostic laboratory.

Our team of gynecologists are best in their field specializing in laparoscopy and other procedures supported by highly trained nursing staff, experienced lab professionals and an extremely efficient emergency management team. While a comprehensive range of minor conditions is treated on an outpatient basis. Surgical procedures are performed in state-of-the-art operation theaters with recuperation in the comfortable recovery rooms. Harnessing one of the most rapidly advancing technological areas of medicine, much of the treatment offered utilises minimally invasive techniques, which often result in shorter inpatient stay and recovery times. Advanced anesthesia delivery systems headed by senior anesthetists gives 24hours support for emergency pregnancies etc.

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