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It’s Really Shocking! Nearly 90 per Indian People might get damaged knee joints by 60-65 years.

It’s Really Shocking! Nearly 90 per Indian People might get damaged knee joints by 60-65 years.

Deficiency of Vit D is the Major Cause for decreasing bone mass density

that leading to the increase of osteoporosis

Almost 90% of people Suffer from damaged knee joints by the age of 60-65 years,.Dr. Mir Jawad Khan Sir , Best Knee Replacement Doctor in Hyderabad said, Every Day He treats more than 30 Cases of knee Joints Patients and the said condition can be prevented by a proper lifestyle modification and food habits.Doctor, even added that, He is seen patients with just age of 30 to 35 years are experiencing the knee and back pains very commonly due to sedentary lifestyle.

According to Dr. Mir Jawad Khan Sir who provides the Most Lowest Cost for Knee Replacement Surgeries in Hyderabad Almost 80 % of the people in metro Cities are experiencing Vitamin D deficiency, which is the sole reason behind decreasing bone mass density leading to the increase of osteoporosis.

Dr. Mir Jawad Khan Sir and Many Health organizations estimate that in 2020, more than 60 million people across India are reported to be either osteoporotic or with low bone mass density.

Since We Consider joint and back pains are as part of the normal ageing process. Therefore, instead of dealing with such problems seriously, people prefer to go for quick fixes like analgesics or some pain-relieving balms.

Dr Mir Jawad Khan, A senior orthopedic surgeon in Hyderabad, Managing Director, GERMANTEN HOSPITAL Hyderabad said in a statement,”Such temporary Treatments will worsen the bone and joint conditions.”

Though there are many latest treatments options available like stem cells, Viscosupplementation etc to improvise the sufferings and in only in Patients with severe cartilage damage knee replacement to be done.

A majority of the people delay their knee surgery till the last stage without knowing that it is actually deteriorating their spine further.

He said postponing the right treatment for the knee worsens the condition and may lead to serious problems in the spine.”To help people avail the benefit of advanced treatment options, it is important that they know about the safer technologies like minimally invasive joint replacement surgeries which offer better clinical outcomes along with ensuring a quicker recovery without much blood loss or a hospital stay.”

“Low level of awareness about right eating habits, healthy lifestyle, and available treatment options is further worsening the situation,” said Dr. Mir Jawad Khan.

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