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Happy patients story Knee Replacement Surgery

This is about Shri Vishwananda Rao, a former employee of LIC from Hyderabad. In 2017, he had severe problem in his knees . He consulted many hospitals in and around Hyderabad but didn’t got any relief . Then , one fine day he met Dr Mir Jawad Zar Khan Sir at Germanten Hospital Hyderabad .

Dr Mir Jawad Zar Khan Sir advised him for knee replacement surgery and he went for it. Before surgery he used to get pain while walking but after the surgery the pain is gone. Now he can walk and climb steps freely their is no problem.

Infact , Patient Wife says: He recovered very well and he is able to do his work on his own. After coming back from the hospital he is able to do this daily chores by himself without any aid. The doctor looked after him well . His approach to the doctor is good and he was satisfied with the treatment. Thanks to Dr.Mir Jawad Zar Khan sir and staff of Germanten Hospital.


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