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Happy Patient Mr .Anil Ahuja Total Knee Replacement Testimonial

My name is Anil Ahuja , One day, I got an oppurtunity to Meet Sr Orthopedic Surgeon Dr Jawad and I consulted with him regarding my knee problem. And I was explaining to him that at this age of mine 70+ , everyone is asking me not to go for a major operation because it will not be successful. But after discussion with Dr. Jawad got the confidence. I then decided to go for my both knee Replacements at Germanten Hospital Hyderabad.

It was a good operation undertaken by the hospital and other amenities as well. Within to 4 to 6 days of the operation, I got good results and started walking without any support. Now I have recovered nicely and I am very fine. I could not have expected that I will come back to a normal situation. I took a view that something will happen.When i spoke with Dr Jawad , he assured me that there will be no problem.

Before my surgery, i couldn’t walk properly. For any job, I took the help of friends. Now, I am free, I’m doing everything by my own, so I’m living very fine at the age of 70+ years, like a young man “ said Mr. Anil Ahuja .

Watch Happy Patient Mr.Anil Ahuja Testimonial

Also , Dr Jawad Said that “ He consulted us for sever pain around his knees. He had swelling, severe pain, and deformity around his knee which hampered his activities of daily living. He found it extremely challenging to sit, to stand from a sitting posture, to walk and use the stairs.”

In a total knee replacement surgery, we replace the damaged portion of the cartilage and it’s underlying bone with with artificial metal, aided by specialized instruments, and place a high density, highly cross-linked plastic in between them. Now by doing so, we acheive painless mobility, perfect alignment and deformity correction. Presently, Mr. Anil Ahuja is able to walk a good distance without any pain and he is able to carry out all his daily routine activities comfortably and is not dependant on painkillers anymore. No wonder, a total knee replacement surgery successfully done is considered as one of the most rewarding procedure in Orthopedics.

We, at Germanten hospital Hyderabad , are able to provide comprehensive care and perform complex orthopedic procedures efficiently and successfully with the help of highly skilled team of Orthopedicians, anesthetists, intensivists, cardiologists, pulmonologists, physical and rehabilitation department with extremely well-trained OT personnel and World-class OT infrastructure.

“ There is nothing more gratifying than helping an individual regain his normal function to a great extent “ , assured by Dr Mir Jawad Zar Khan Sir.

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