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Effective Robotic Joint Replacement Backed by German Precision

Robotic knee replacement in hyderabad

If you are looking for a better and safer knee replacement surgery, robotic knee replacement with German precision is the answer. It is less invasive and ensures a faster recovery rate,” says Dr Mir Jawad Zar Khan, chairman, managing director and chief joint replacement surgeon Germanten Hospitals, Hyderabad. True to its name, Germanten Hospital takes pride in bringing sophisticated German technology to India. Since its inception, the hospital has been a frontrunner in offering advanced procedures with some of the top-notch facilities and specialist doctors at an affordable cost, in its commitment to excellence.

Benefits of advanced robotic technology

The advanced technology ensures enhanced accuracy.

Less post-operative pain because lesser tissues are impacted.

Safe surgery.

Less blood loss, thereby avoiding blood transfusion.

Less infection risk.

Smaller incision results in minimal scarring.

Shorter hospital stay.

Quicker recovery time.

Patient can start walking approximately after 6 hours after surgery.

Better clinical outcomes in many cases.

Advanced robotic technology for knee replacement

Germanten Hospital offers effective German precision robotic joint replacement using advanced technologies. Dr Mir Jawad Zar Khan, who has undergone training in robotic technology in Germany, has undertaken thousands of complex trauma and joint replacement surgeries and arthroscopic constructions. Backed by over 23 years of experience, he combines some of the latest advances in clinical care with a truly remarkable level of compassion.

The doctors at Hospital undertake both invasive and non-invasive joint replacement surgery with latest equipment for total recovery and satisfaction of patients. The German Precision joint replacement technology ensures a safe painless surgery and quick post-operative recovery as the patient can be made to walk in as early as 6 hours.

Why consider robotic knee replacement?

During robotic knee replacement, optical trackers are attached to the leg of the patient. The information collected by the trackers is fed into the robot. It calculates the exact alignment and bone cuts of the knee to ensure minimal damage. This same calculation, when done manually, takes a lot of time. Hence, robotic technology completes the procedure in a very short time, less than half an hour, while ensuring safety and better outcome. In addition, the advanced technology makes bone cuts more accurate while protecting quadriceps and muscle tendons during surgery. Role of the surgeon In robotic joint replacement, the surgeon performs the procedure with the assistance of a robotic arm. This helps ensure perfect cuts, proper knee joint alignment, and proven results. In addition to enhancing surgeon’s skill and accuracy, the robots assist in cutting the least amount of tissue.

Is joint replacement necessary for all patients?

At Germanten Hospital, those diagnosed with early arthritis are advised less invasive treatments like PRP stem cell therapy, RF therapy and viscosupplementation. Depending on the severity, NSAIDS, lifestyle modifications, including weight loss and exercises, intra-articular shots, physical therapy and knee braces may be recommended. However, for those with Grade 4 arthritis, who are unable to get relief from conservative treatment methods, joint replacement may be the answer. Traditional joint replacement implants may last 20-25 years and be avoided for those below 60. New procedures like German precision robotic joint replacement ensure more accurate implant positioning and advised for younger patients so they can safely undergo the procedure & get back to an active lifestyle.

Why choose Germanten?

Germanten Hospital offers holistic care in a comfortable patient-centric atmosphere, while maintaining superlative standards. The advanced laminar airflow operation theatres ensure total infection control. The hospital also provides a superlative environment for post-operative rehabilitation. (Call: 9989635555, 9000909073,,

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