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Effective Robotic Joint Replacement Backed by German Precision

Robotic knee replacement in hyderabad

If you are looking for a better and safer knee replacement surgery, robotic knee replacement with German precision is the answer. It is less invasive and ensures a faster recovery rate,” says Dr Mir Jawad Zar Khan, chairman, managing director and chief joint replacement surgeon Germanten Hospitals, Hyderabad. True to its name, Germanten Hospital takes […]

Best Knee Joint Replacement Surgeon in India

Knee Joint Replacement Surgeon -Dr.Mir Jawad Zar Khan Dr. Mir Jawad Zar Khan sir Senior Knee Replacement Surgeon tells that If you have a knee severely damaged by injury or arthritis, it would be painful for you to perform simple day-to-day activities such as walking or climbing stairs. You may even experience pain while you are even […]